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The Drive ™ by Yamaha.  It is a drive that is meant to be fun!!

Yamaha began by asking questions no one’s ever asked before.

Like why can’t a golf cart be fun to drive?  And so we built a cart that’s both driver-friendly and course-friendly, a thoughtful blend of practicality and gratifying performance. Whether you are on the golf course or driving around the neighborhood, you will be quick to say “I’ll drive.”

The Drive is an all-new look at what driving-and owning-a golf cart should be.  At Heartland, we sell to customers who want neighborhood vehicles as well as those who want to get around apartments, building grounds, campuses, events, and more.

Let The Drive be the drive of your life!!


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2012 Yamaha 2012 Yamaha
2013 Yamaha Gas and Electric Concierge – $7,995 2013 Yamaha Gas and Electric – $5,495
2012 Yamaha 2012 Yamaha
2013 Yamaha Adventurer Gas – $5,895 2013 Yamaha Adventurer Electric – $5,990
adventurer-golf-car 2013 Yamaha Adventurer – Financing available, monthly payment for the Adventurer $112.50 to qualified applicants.